India’s Best Preschool Kids App

Kutuki is the trusted partner for your child’s learning. With hundreds of fun videos, rhymes, games, activities and interactive live classes, the learning never stops.

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Kutuki - India's Best Preschool Kids App

Meet your Learning partners

What you get on Kutuki

Age Appropriate

Our content is mapped to key learning milestones. Each story, rhyme and activity will help your preschooler learn.

Music & Art

With fresh original rhymes, stories, animations and illustrations, your child will always learn something new

100% Indian

Everything on Kutuki is 100% Indian. We are made in India, and we cater exclusively to Indian kids

Safe & Ads free

Your child’s safety comes first, that’s why we have no ads. Our subscription plans start from as low as ₹ 4/day

1M+ Downloads

10,000,00+ Parents trusts Kutuki, Be a part of them

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What your kids will learn

Language & Phonics

Learn English and Indian languages. We also offer our own Phonics module catering to the needs of Indian children

Math & Science

Who says math and science cannot be fun for little kids. Rhymes & stories filled with adventures to learn more about numbers & the world around us

Cognitive Development

Brain development is at its fastest during the preschool ages. Our stories, activities and games are designed to help you child become more curious and learn faster

Social and Life Skills

Overcoming shyness, fears and forming bonds outside of the immediate family circle are important for your child’s emotional well being and development.

Awards & Recognitions

What parents say about Kutuki

Very innovative way of teaching simple preschooler concepts through interesting visual and audio aids.

Mother of 2.5 years old

For selected screen time for kids with a clear purpose of watching learning videos, I recommend Kutuki.

Mother of 4 years old

We have really had a great experience with Kutuki. Kids get to learn many things without stressing themselves

Mother of 4 years old

If you are tired of your little kid watching endless nonsense on YouTube, try Kutuki. It is very Indian and full of learning.

Mother of 3 years old

Frequently asked questions

What is Kutuki?
Open FAQ

Kutuki is India’s first early learning platform tailor-made for Indian preschoolers.And Kutu, Ki and Minku, the elephant are here to be your little one’s learning companions.
On Kutuki you will find a range of learning resources including 100s of engaging, high quality animated children’s story books, rhymes  and interactive activities that are based on a world class preschool curriculum to ensure your child’s foundational skills grow stronger every day.
Kutuki prides itself on creating contextual content that Indian children and families can connect with, moving away from characters with blonde hair, blue eyes, American accents and unfamiliar references.

Who are the people behind kutuki?
Open FAQ

Kutuki was started by Sneha Sundaram, an LSE alumna, classical singer, music educator and Bharath Bevinahally, an ISB alumni, guitarist and audio producer. The team comprises of award winning preschool educators, storytellers, artists and musicians who thoughtfully create every piece of content from scratch to make learning incredibly fun for preschoolers

What age group is Kutuki's content suitable for?
Open FAQ

Our content is suitable for kids of 2-6 years age group.

What topics are covered in Kutuki's content?

Open FAQ

On Kutuki you will find content across 30+  Preschool aligned themes such as Phonics,English and Hindi Letter Tracing, Physical Fitness, Animals, Space, Health and Hygiene, Safety, S.T.E.M, Colours and Shapes, , Indian festivals General Knowledge, Emotions and Feelings and so much more.
We also have engaging, interactive games and quizzes through which your child can learn in an involved and active manner.

What languages is Kutuki's content available in?

Open FAQ

It is very simple. Download the Kutuki learning app on Play Store or App Store. Sign up with your phone number and child’s name and age and you’re ready to explore Kutuki’s learning library.

Is there a trial period on Kutuki?

Open FAQ

Yes, we have a 7 day trial period in which you can explore Kutuki’s entire library

What happens post the trial period?

Open FAQ

Post the trial period, you will need to pick up a subscription plan to access all of the content. Our subscriptions start from as low as Rs. 4/day when you pick up one of our subscription plans and the details are available on the app. However, you will still have access to some free content on the Kutuki app.

What other benefits do Kutuki's subscribers get?

Open FAQ

Kutuki’s subscribers get access to brand new content and features every month. They also automatically get enrolled into Kutuki’s Rewards Program where you get exclusive discounts on products from some of the best kid’s brands that provide toys, children’s clothing, healthy snacks,  books, online classes and much more

Apart from the app, Does kutuki have any other products?

Open FAQ

Yes, we also have two bestselling  illustrated books titled ‘Breakfasts of india’ and ‘New Years of India that introduce young children to India’s rich culture and diversity. They are being sold across India, USA and Europe.
Here’s a review about our books by Toka box, a California based children’s book subscription box –
In India you can pick up our books via
Amazon –
The Nestery –
Jo Genii –
USA residents can pick up our books viabit. For USA residents, you can pick up via  
Toka Box –

I am running a preschool, Do you have any offering that I can use?

Open FAQ

We offer a customizable and curated curriculum and content web app, along with live lessons for preschools. You get access to the same engaging content available on the mobile app in a format more suited for your preschool.
During this COVID period, with preschools being shut for physical classes, our offering enables you to  run live classes and enable parents to effectively manage their child’s learning under the guidance of your preschool’s teachers and with the aid of Kutuki’s content. You can also communicate via the same platform and essentially manage all of your curriculum, planning, communication, and even payments through our web app.
Contact us at to know more.

Kutu and Ki

Has the pandemic put a pause on your preschooler’s learning?

Kutuki’s Online preschool Program promises Early Education for your kid
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